Course Overview

The Einstein Effect is the most important discovery in human history. It empowers us to evolve by choice rather than by chance.

In this course you will understand the cause of war and the cause of peace and the most effective action Einstein told us we must take to prevent civilization from being erased by the action of a human mis-judgment, or mechanical error.

1. ”A Newer Way of Thinking” (ANWOT)
2. Seven transformative word-switches
3. A way to pull it all together through the love-
creation skills. These are designed to lead you
to living the modern version of the Golden

•A certificate of completion
•Invitation to join our Facebook Peace Academy
Leaders where you will have access to coaching
on how to lead your own Genie Seminar (i.e.,
interactional method of education to teach and
learn the mental-spiritual skills);
•The freedom from the thought addiction you
don’t even know you have: the addiction that
keeps you bound to using your best to do your

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