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There is a genie within each of us that wants to be free to grant our wishes


The Golden Rule:

Love yourself unconditionally with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world

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“You have helped me realize it doesn’t matter how much money we make if we don’t have a world to live in. We are not going to be in a very good state. I teasingly called you the Al Gore of the peace world; the uncomfortable truth about the fact that we are at a precipice at our time in history. You’ve created the Educational Community to address this issue. I love what you are doing. It’s really important that we wake up out of our doldrums. We’re asleep not just about war, it’s about everything. We can wake up to being human. I strongly encourage you to go to the Educational Community. You’ve got the solutions. We are at a critical time in our history and I think of this man and his work and the community you are developing. We don’t have to live in fear; we can live in peace.”
Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield
Best-selling author and motivational speaker
Sold 500 million non-fiction books

Watch Jack Canfield’s interview by Don Pet

Watch Don Pet’s interview by Jack Canfield
“Don Pet is an amazing man who has developed an organization, a newer way of thinking, to help people think better and more constructively about the importance of world peace and what each person including yourself can do to bring about a more peaceful and happy world.”

Brian Tracy
World renowned motivational speaker

Brian Tracy endorsement of Donald Pet

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About The Educational Community

The Educational Community is a privately funded nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation based in East Hartford, CT, USA. Its educational content is guaranteed forever free to anyone, anywhere, anytime through its web sites like, and additional programs that make life more wonderful. The EC was founded and is directed by Donald Pet, M.D., a retired Johns Hopkins trained psychiatrist and expert on creating mental wealth millionaires. Mental wealth millionaires make life meaningful even when the world is unfair.

Donald Pet, M.D., Director, The Educational Community

Since the Guide is a collection of the wisdom of many persons, I see myself more as “editor” than author. It has been my good fortune to walk and talk with inspirational mentors, and bathe in so many fountains of wisdom – in my undergraduate years and psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins and my medical training at the U. of Maryland Medical School, my professional career, colleagues, friends, and especially former patients. Though too many to name, their insights are to be credited for my inspiration to create a self-teaching ANWOT curriculum for you and others to perpetually grow the mental skills leading to feeling good and doing good.

The Most Simple & Yet Powerful Way
To Bring World Peace

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