Let’s start with a 10-Day Challenge

What you will learn? 

  • “A Newer Way of Thinking” (ANWOT)
  • Seven transformative word-switches
  • A way to pull it all together through the love-
    creation skills.

These are designed to lead you to living the modern version of the Golden Rule.

What will you get?

  • A certificate for completing a 10-day challenge
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What are the fees?

Our courses are forever free! We encourage you to download and share all our materials.

Content for the 10-Day Challenge

Enjoy 10 days of recommended reflections

  • Learn the two love-creation skills that teach the modern version of the Golden Rule: “Love myself with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world.”
  • Then learn the seven word- switches
  • Put them to work in your life


Emotional self-endorsement is a secret love-creation skill where we learn to make ourselves feel good just like we naturally feel negative emotions.


Today, You are your biggest fan! Remember to self endorse; and, each time you do, pat yourself on the back.  Make a note each time. How many times did you self-endorse?

The “reasonable best” of self-worth is an approach that emphasizes evaluating yourself based on your efforts and intentions rather than on the outcomes of your actions; recognize that you can’t always control the results.


Did you feel disappointed today because something didn’t work out?  Did you do your reasonable BEST?  Did you recognize that you did your reasonable best? Knowing that you did your reasonable best is its own reward. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you that, self-endorse! How many times did you give it your reasonable BEST today?

Replace negative thoughts and self-defeating language with the empowering mantra of “I think I can,” draw inspiration from “The Little Engine that Could,” and transform your attitude from hopelessness to a powerful energy source that enables you to overcome challenges, contribute positively, and take charge of your destiny.


Negative thinking may prevent positive actions.  Don’t limit yourself.  Remove negative thinking and replace it with positive actions that allow you to move towards your goals. Today, did you remember to take control of your actions by replacing those negative thoughts with CAN DO thinking?

The crucial shift from blaming to personal responsibility is achieved by substituting “I allow” for he, she, they, it, the world, God, etc.,  makes me.  Break the cycle of dependency and empower yourself  to take charge of your attitudes and actions.


Realize that you play a role in what happens next. Remove the responsibility from those around you and those who have shaped you to date.  Today, I will take responsibility for my next best action.  I take control of my actions.

Replace the constraining word “should” with the empowering word “could.” This allows you to break free from dictatorial thinking pattern, assume personal responsibility, and explore alternatives and assume personal responsibility for your life’s experiences


Has the past weight of tradition got you locked in thinking about all the things you “should” do?  Are you tired of feeling the weight of should on your shoulders?  Let it  go. Seek freedom from should and experience the empowering word of could. Today, what COULD you do instead? The world is your oyster!

The most important change in the way we think is to switch from seeing things as either this or that (“either/or” thinking) to recognizing that things can be both this and that (“both … and” thinking). This helps us work together, solve problems better, and move beyond rigid ways of thinking that don’t always fit the complex world we live in.


Don’t limit your thinking with “either/or” decision making. .  Instead apply “both/and” to a situation today.  Break free with a newer way of thinking and be amazed at the power it releases!  Task: When confronted today with a problem that makes you choose a thought that limits you – DON’T!  Instead, apply ‘both/and’ to the situation; unlimit your thinking!

The fifth important word-switch involves using a simple sentence to solve problems better, emphasizing win/win solutions and long-term perspectives, both now and in the future. It stops us from blaming others or feeling guilty. This way of thinking helps us avoid fights and find better ways to handle things.


Today, release your energy for compromise and growth.  Change your mindset set and adopt a forward-thinking, global mentality of cooperation and reciprocity.  Today, approach the world knowing that Happiness, Enough, Love and Peace is all around you. Resist the negativity of the world and seek solutions that are mutually beneficial to solve your problems.

This redirects our instinctive ‘fight or flight” reactions to stress towards more productive problem-solving, preventing harmful impulsive behaviors and promoting collaboration and long-term thinking for constructive outcomes


Consciously stop the ‘drain’ on your positive thoughts and energy.  Resist operating on base impulse. Today, when you feel anger and anxiety pop-up, whack them back down! Respond to the problems with clear and constructive approaches to problem solving. Don’t let anything return you to a cave person mentality!

The last word switch is about using the word “urgent” instead of “emergency” and deciding how important a problem really is. This helps you think before you act,  solve problems better, and  stop impulsive actions caused by stress


You’re evolving. You can now approach situations with aplomb knowing that not every situation isn’t an emergency.  You can segment each problem into high, medium, and low realizing that not every situation is an emergency.  Today, use your best thinking, to categorize every issue before you respond.

Reflect on the love creation skills, and the seven word -switches


The 10-day challenge seeks to open you mind to the possibilities of a better world….a better world starts inside you.  We love to hear about your experiences.  Upload your video here for a chance for it to be featured on our Instagam Reels page! 


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