What is Genie Seminar ?

Genie Seminars are online sessions where we meet to talk about creative solutions for today’s most pressing problems. We discuss things such as: Why there is fear, hate, and war in the world when we want happiness, love, and peace?

The seminar not only helps us find answers to important questions but allows us to have fun, make friends, and support each other emotionally. It’s a safe and supportive environment where we can learn, grow, and together, have safe conversations about difficult topics.

If you’re interested, you can sign up on this page to learn more about the Genie Seminar and join in the lifelong education in skills that make life wonderful.

Guidelines for Genie Seminars

  1. Set a regular time and media for the virtual meeting. Zoom, Google Meet, or other services are available for free.
  2. Meetings are usually 1 hour or longer by agreement.
  3. The EC policy is that there be no fee so no one is excluded for lack of money. Unsolicited volunteer donations are acceptable if money is required for a cause such as distributing an educational flyer. The EC guarantees it will not charge fees.
  4. Send notices (reminders) to regular members before each meeting. If available, the topic and recommended study materials may be included here.
  5. Members agree to respect confidentiality regarding personal shares in the group.

Do you want to join as a Group Leader?

  • Leaders are essential to growing the Peace Academy’s mission
  • YOU GET:
    Training and support from Educational Community Group leaders on how to run a group, Peace Academy certification, professional education on leadership, free Zoom meeting link to host meetings and support maintaining group distribution lists
    They maintain and grow the group (10-20 members are ideal)
    They set the tone of the group
    Send the invitation, build the weekly agenda, and maintain the topics

Do you want to join as a Member?

  • Members are the lifeblood of the seminars
  • YOU GET:
    The seminars work because of the members. Members become a part of a community of individuals who are
    committed to understanding today’s world problems, and are seeking a community to share their ideas for world peace, happiness, and love.
    Understanding of the Peace Academy’s mission and rules of engagement, regular attendance, and active participation

Join Genie Seminars

Be part of a community of people who share stories of happiness, inspiration and peace for creating a better world.